Hashtag decolonize?

“Indigenous solidarity” is sexy nowadays. Every liberal is ready, it seems, to “decolonize” something or other. And every multi-milliondollar NGO, from Immigrant Rights megagroups to Environmentalist giants, purports to “stand in solidarity with Standing Rock” and you know, “defend Mother Earth”.  That is, so long that does not work against their financial self-interest, nor force any accountability for a long history of promoting policies, forms of social organization and ideological frameworks that are decidedly anti-Indigenous, as well as anti-migrant and anti-Black. The examples are too numerous to list here: Big Greens “invested” $100 million in electoral support for Hillary Clinton and her extractive bedfellows in 2016 alone;  350.org continues to sabotage the indigenous-lead People’s Agreement developed in 2010 in Cochabamba, Bolivia; NGO’s collude in indigenous land and and water grabs under the guise of conservation, as is happening currently with the Oak Flat, sacred to the Apache; and Immigrant Rights is used to legitimize the increased militarization of O’odham lands in the southwest so-called borderlands.
This is not a new story. But there is a new twist.
Big Green and Immigrant Rights NGO’s are speculating on the abomination that is Donald Trump, in a scramble to brand themselves the leaders of a resistance they can shape, control and profit from.  There is a real danger in their renewed legitimacy. There is a real danger in the explosive growth of the NGO sphere, fueled by liberal white panic and confusion.  We are to believe that we can resist Trump by demonstrating — in an orderly fashion — against this PARTICULAR abomination, while simultaneously forgetting that the democrats and the liberal NGO sphere colluded in creating the mechanisms that produced it. We are to march behind the very same organizations whose function is to derail and disarm struggles for liberation, depriving communities of capacities for self-organization and autonomy, and delivering people into to the electoral machine. NGO’s are not in the business of dismantling settler colonialism, capitalism and white supremacy; they are in the business of subjugation.
This space serves as a critical resource for resisting the intensifying NGOisation of daily life, with a particular focus on the analysis, testimonies and alternatives emerging from indigenous struggles across the Americas.