Myths on Climate Change and Migration

(by Daniel Carrillo)

Climate change is real. Humans and corporations (which are also legally humans) are destroying the earth. Immigration is real. Humans and corporations are destroying migrant and poor working communities. The climate under which we live in is a hostile one. But many myths have debunked real action.

While it is corporations that are leading the attack against the earth and migrants, they do so with ever more ease thanks in part to consent of many. Negotiations for climate change and for immigration are going backwards. They have been happening at various levels these past years, with papers signed and enacted to protect the environment and the border. Yet all the results seem to have taken us further back. More alarmingly they take is further back with the consent of some “advocates” for the environment and migrants. Something is better than nothing. That is a myth. The greater myth perhaps is that as a movement we cannot command anything better.

Other myths prevail: Global warming is a farce and migrants are the cause of numerous social problems. With the consent given by advocates, these myths are further grounded in society. And corporations have the space to maneuver and escape criminalization for all their illegal activities, amassing vast wealth and power off the backs of migrants, poor communities and the environment.

I think there is a great opportunities and so much to gain outside of a “compromise”. The corporate state already has their mind set on what they want. Their compromises are nothing but part of a plan. We can look to the wealth of elders and ancestors who fought, look to their legacy of developing their own plan and vision and fighting for that.

Otherwise these grassroots groups risk becoming like the impotent labor movement. One that insists on an alliance with a political party (that for decades has backstabbed the working class) instead of building for the future with their own power and plan. Unfortunately this myth that political parties are allies plagues environmental and migrant rights groups. Before we do anything we must toss the myth that we can’t do any better than compromise.