The projects or conversations here engage with migrant struggles to resist abjection, the il-legalization of migration, the political rhetoric of both immigration policy and immigrant rights.

“Reform” charts an attempt to intervene in the politics of organizing around Immigration Reform legislation and to trace the possibility for abolitionist horizons. It is inspired by the analysis and actions of the No Name Collective and Moratorium on Deportations Campaign.

“Balkan Route” is a proposal to think of what rich European countries have been calling he “migrant crisis” as ongoing social struggles that are unfolding at a number of overlapping scales in the context of a global reconfiguration of colonial relations — and to see the Balkan Route as a region-making project in which the production of Europe is both enforced and contested.

Crossings was a yearlong program of events at Mess Hall in Chicago exploring the problem and possibility that every place, and every moment, can be a site of trespass.



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